Hafnium Wire

Hafnium wire is one of our main products.It is available in varying diameters,from 0.020" to 0.236". Our Hafnium wire is produced from Hafnium crystal bars(the picture on the left,as raw material,details shown under ”Hafnium Crystal Bar").It is of higher purity and has longer service life.
Diameter:0.020”- 0.236” (0.5mm to 6.0 mm).
It can be straight, in coils or on spools.

We have been working closely with FEDEX,UPS,DHL and our air and sea freight forwarder to speed up the delivery.Wherever you are,you can be rest assured that we will deliver the material to your hand at the speed you are satisfied with.Our superior quality,quick delivery and good price will meet your specific requirements and help you to fulfil your needs.Welcome to send your enquiry or your question to us online or by email.We will answer you immediately or within 24 hours.

Welcome to enquire about   HAFNIUM WIRE!  We will reply you ASAP.

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